Thursday, February 03, 2005

Comin' Up Trumps 

03/02/05: Not many turned up to the usual thursday night ride from Stubbing (just me, Dave, Alec and TimK). So we took this opportunity to turn the Cheekometer up to 11 and go hunting for trails. Obviously I can't go into much detail here (or I'd have to kill you and your immediate family) but it was classic night of hits and misses. Thankfully the hits outweighed the misses and they were of a particularly high calibre; all scoring well on the twin charts of near other good trails and nadgery techno singletrack. So... yay! A couple of trails will require a bit of tweaking (did someone say "folding spade"?) but already I am looking forward to linking these babies up sometime soon. Fer shure.
MUSIC OF CHOICE: 'Hidden Gems' by Cherrystones.
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