Sunday, January 30, 2005


28/01/05-30/01/05: Rob's Farewell Wales Weekender. Arrived late on friday but still managed to get right royally hammered and high as a fooking kite. Can't remember much of friday night except: the massive spun cannon; mini Creme Eggs; cheeky vimtos; Steve pouring champagne on himself; drinking from jugs; Rob repeatedly getting the teat owl joke wrong. Saturday we went up Snowdon. The weather was fantastic at the start but up near the top it went cloudy and snowy (which was equally ace really). The descent down the Rangers Path was fantastic - quite possibly my favourite UK descent. There isn't really space to go into detail, all I can say is "thread the needle, baby!!!" Saturday night was another (slightly less) messy starch-drenched affair. Sunday we played in ByC. My bike became shit so I borrowed Ernie B - which was most fabbo (cheers Coogletron). Top weekend, one of the best ever I thought.
MUSIC OF CHOICE: compilation CDR from SteveM.
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