Sunday, January 09, 2005

Lieutenant Harris-Evans 

09/01/05: Riding t'other end of Calderdale with Craig, Craig's Dad Keith, Dave360, SteveM and Flexi Felix. Dashed hard work today due to the lack of freewheeling opportunities (either uphill or muddy!). Assorted highlights include: Craig arguing with his Dad over route choice; the flooded bombhole; Keith's rear QR falling out (like father like son!); Flexi suddenly dashing off to save the world; careering down the mud slope behind the Orange factory (God bless Kenda Knarly tyres!); dirty-mountain-bikers-in-MacDonalds incongruity; fantastic cobbled road climb; the tunnel under the road (yikes!); Craig nearly slipping off a slimy walltop. But the undoubted highlight of the day was Flexi showing us down Headless Chicken Run (so called 'cos it has the odd low branch in it). What a great trail! It was fairly similar to Pixie Woods in Hebden but a lot, lot longer with a bigger drop to your left at first, more twistyness, more low branches, carving bends, roots, jumps, drops and a nice rollercoaster section toward the end. It finished with a plummet down a mud slope to a kids playground which everyone fucked up royally (skidding down slope on backsides, slowly rotating) except Craig (who ruled the trails all day on a cross bike!) who just flew down it (I thought he was definitely going to spill it big style!). Apparently Headless Chicken Run is festooned with bluebells come springtime. Can't wait! Flexi has earned his Cheeky Wings at last.
nothing to add, just thought you might be a little excited to see a comment ;-)
it were proper bo, I tell thee. totally loved the cross bike. but boy o boy am i knackered today.
Ooh.. two whole comments. How exhilarating! ;o)
I have a great collection of bruises down my left leg now after my mud incident!
I'd thought I'd post a comment as I wasn't there......

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