Thursday, January 06, 2005

Deep fried brie? 

06/01/05: Calderdale Thursday night ride from Stubbing Wharf with some Usual Suspects. Up Jack Bridge, taking it easy at the back with Kelvin and Fatbob. Along road to Slack Tracks, which was unusually muddy and slippy. Down Ali's Zig Zags, which seemed to be a bit clearer of obstacles than I remember but it still had me ditching it into the verge amusingly. Up Bastard Tarmac Climb, which was particularly bastardish. Then we spent a while sheltering behind a wall out of the noisy wind, eating Tangfastics and drinking Tim's hipflask. A decision was made and we then rode the first half of Midget's Pit (just can't get enough of the view that opens up in front of you as you emerge into the field) but instead of turning off into The Pit itself we kept barreling on down the straight open rocky track which was lots of fun indeed; jumping mini-rockeries and steering around tree stumps just about in control (the £1000 Specialized bouncy test bike I was riding was amazing!). At the road we turned left and headed up to do the last 2/3 of Blue Pig, which was even more fun than normal seeing as someone (or something) had dug out either side of the water bars making them very hard to leap over successfully (we all managed to avoid pinch-flatting somehow!). We finished with The Ginnel, Bolty's Steps (which I rode fully... on the 2nd attempt!) and Riverside Run (with Craig handily pointing out where a possible new trail may join it). Spirits were high and egos were up so a few of us had a go at riding along a wall and jumping off the end. Craig and Tim handled it no probs. I landed my shonky attempt like a bag of spanners (note to self: learn to wheelie soon). Back to The Stubbing for beer and deep-fried brie - yay! Same again next week please.
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