Saturday, January 22, 2005

Chase Is Ace 

22/01/05: Cannock Chase with Juicy Jim. It was supremely muddy for the first sections and I was really lovin' it. Jim was on his singlespeed (with its comedy tyres) and was struggling a bit. We started off trying to follow the Red Route but eventually got a bit bored of its seemingly random signposting so we managed to subtly blag an invite on to a group of local riders who showed us around for the rest of the day - result! I swapped bikes with Jim after a while so he ended up riding a swanky carbon fibre £3,400 full-sus Giant jeymobile that was 'on test' for the mag. Which he (surprisingly) really fell in love with! And I loved riding his dinky Kona Unit too - everyone's happy. The trails and the Giant have made me decide to get my Klein up and running properly again (all it needs is a rear wheel rebuild and I might put bouncy forks on it again).The guided part of the ride was excellent and we got shown some great hidden twisty stuff in the trees which wasn't so muddy. Can't wait to go back there in spring/summer and partner Cannock with the Wyre for a top weekend of cheeky forest madness.
MUSIC OF CHOICE: 'Analord 10 EP' by AFX.
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