Sunday, January 16, 2005

Broken Biscuits 

16/01/05: Hebden ride. Just me and Crumbs. After being fed and watered by real life lesbians and a quick map consultation in Blazing Saddles we hit the dirt. Jack Bridge, Mary T to Egypt, Gorple Res, Widdop Res, Gorple Road, Hurstwood Res, Wind Farm, Whirlaw and Rodwell B (where I may have found a new trail). It was really muddy in places towards the end and this seemed to really sap Crumbs of energy. I was on an appropriate bike for once (singlespeed with spiky mud tyres) and was rocking along nicely. Convinced myself that I can get away with saggy 100mm forks on the Redline to help unleash its beastliness even further! All in all a great, demanding day out in the hills. We remarked on just how many times we've ridden this route over the years (when I used to be the one struggling) - it's a Proper Classic. Just realised I've not being doing my Music Of Choice selections since I resumed Blogging. So here goes...
MUSIC OF CHOICE: 'Shipwreck' by D'Arcangelo.
Poor little Crumbs....

Weird how the dynamic has completely swapped around hey??

He'll be back. With a vengeance. By the end of this month. At ByC.
Is he coming???

Please, please, please
Oh ja fer shure he will be there :o)
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