Thursday, December 30, 2004

With A Bang (Not A Whimper) 

28/12/04: Peak District ride with Craig, Rob, Jim and Steve v2.0. I think the Peaks has had me suffering in crap weather more than any other National Park. But I still love it! Cold, wet and windy as fook. It started very well with a nice steep technical climb and a thrilling session of bog dodging and rock jumping. But I very nearly called it quits after a couple of hours - after a particularly harrowing stretch of grassy uphill slogging (with a vicious side-salad of hailstoning) - but I was talked into continuing. The deciding factor was the rare (and soon to be even rarer) combo of riding partners. Rides with this bunch are always a great laugh - with a particular honourable mention to Jim "Mad Jim" Coulthurst who was on tip-top form (maybe it was his newly refurbished Salsa?). After a few more people got slightly bored with the weather we tailored the ride to stay in the trees as much as possible and everything was way kewl.
29/12/04: Nannerch Post Xmas Comedown(hilling) - the DH yang to the previous day's XC ying. Rob, Craig, Jon, Dave360, TimC and myself spent the morning trying to find the bloody place and the afternoon riding it to smithereens. Great (and refreshingly different) day out on the bike. All about having fun and laughing at/with each other until it was too dark to ride anymore (in a playing footy after school with friends type way). Craig (and I) took a few pics with his camera and mine (to be scanned and uploaded sometime next year!). Rob in particular was 'going off' big style and we were all gee'd up by this. Personally speaking I started a bit lamely but was surprised (and impressed) how much I improved as the day went on. Can't wait to go back there. I think it would be a nice partner venue for future ByC visits.

Not Dead (Again) 

Quick round up of the past few months since my last posting...
September: Dusk 'Til Dawn.
October: Garburn Pass; ByC; Peak District; The Midget's Pit; RHS Fest; Car Wash; Ramsbottom Farewell; Borrowdale Bash.
November: Black Mountains; Singletrack Awards Weekend; Afan Weekender; Scotchlanding '04.
December: Norf Sure; Ambleside Classic; Calderdale Epic; Voodoo purchase.

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