Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Och! What A Great Weekend, Jimmy (etc) 

Friday: Drove up (waaay uyp) to Aviemore with Stanny Fro. Met up with the usual crew plus some other singlespeedy types. Got pissed. Went derbying. Then got into the happening nightclub. Left the happening nightclub. Got more pissed.

Saturday: Got up. Felt really quite awful. Had a dump. Felt better. Assembled at Bothy Bikes for the Euro Singlespeed Championships (woo!). The casually paced 7 mile ride out to the race venue was ace; nice just-interesting-enough trails through great scenery. The race course was unbelievably good too; tight and twisty through impossibly green lush forest singletrack with rocky outcrop bits here and there. The final descent was a screamer. After a none-more-slow 1st lap our group (me, RHS, Sex Midget, SteveM and DaveA) picked up the pace and fairly flew round our 2nd (and final) lap. I impressed the hell out of myself by riding up the steep-as-fook climb (the one with the wide "north shore" section halfway up it) without dabbing once. I lead RHS and Sex Midget down the final descent at a bonkers speed which left us all giddy with adrenaline (and aching legs). Great, great, great fun. The evening was like the previous evening, only this time it was turned up to 11.

Sunday: Got up. Felt even worse than before. I had arranged to meet Cameron from the Forestry Commission who was going to show "two or three" of us around the unopened (and unfinshed) Laggan trails. Loose lips the night before meant that 24 people turned up to the "exclusive" ride! Luckily Cameron was cool and easy-going and said it was no problem. It was decided that we would start with the Black route and maybe do the Red afterwards. The Black route turned out to be brilliantly and insanely technical. Me, RHS and Jonathan hung back after awhile and had a go at riding pretty much everything with surprising success. Some of the stuff you couldn't even see a line through (or up or over) but you had a go anyway - and it worked! Even if the trails get filled in slightly this trail is still going to be mental. Can't wait to go back. The Red route was much more normal Glentressy-type stuff. The Play Area at the end was an ace concoction of jumps and berms and things which was so good we rode back UP it to do it again!

Eventually the weekend had to end though (boo!). But its memory will long live on as quite possibly the best 48+hrs of bikey behaviour of all time. And it confirmed that the Redline is my favourite bike of all time too.

No I Am Not Dead 

What have you missed over the past couple of months then? Lemme think...

June 26/27: Saab Salamon Mountian Mayhem - fucking awful. Bring on next year!
July 1: Moon River Hike-A-Bike - a little bit too silly with mucho pushing but still fun.
July 3: Claiffe Heights with Juicy Jim - slippy as hell and crashtastic as a result.
July 4: Hebden Bridge with Coogle and Biscuit (Crumbs' new name) - slippy as hell and crashtastic as a result.
July 6/7/8 - Scott Bike Launch over in St Moritz Switzerland - nightmare journey, amazing trails.
July 11: Embsay Crag Classic with Coogle and Biscuit - very wet and fernmungous fun.
July 13: Oxenhope Evening ride (can't remember where or who with!)
July 15: Stubbing Evening Ride (can't remember where or who with!)
July 18: Mini-Crumbsfest with Biscuit and Coogle - did a huge sunshiny epic from Horton-In-Ribblesdale, fabulous ride.
July 20: The Car Wash with Dave, Cris and Kelvin - bonkers but so, so good.
July 25: ByC with Juicy - this trail never disappoints does it?
July 27: Coiler Dee Lux Debut.
July 31/Aug 1: Fish Out Of Water weekend with Craig up at Stu's gaff in Swaledale - saturday spent "guiding", sunday spent riding local knwledge, wicked.
Aug 7/8: RHS Weekender - saturday in Long Mynd (awesomely good), sunday in the Wyre Forest (great trails, felt crap though).
Aug 14/15: Sleepless In The Saddle.
Aug 17-27: French Alps Holiday with Coogle and Juicy - too much to go into, basically it were proper good like.
Aug 29: Calderdale Classic with some guesting southerners (and Flexi) - crap weather, good ride.
Sept 1-4: Eurobike Show in Germany.

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