Wednesday, March 31, 2004

"I take it this is The Chute Of Death then?" 

Tuesday night ride from Oxenhope with Dave, Piers and - wait for it - Crumbs (I'm still in shock). Arrived in Oxenhope at 7:30pm and it was still (beautiful) daylight. Summer's here kids indeed - yay! A fine time to debut the Cheekymobile...

You're probably best of visiting Dave's blog (see left panel) for details of where the bleedin' 'ell we actually went but wherever it was we did go it was proper wikkid. I was taking full advantage of local knowledge and was blindly following Piers' line at all times to great effect, apart from a section on Manywells where I slammed into a step, tankslapped wildly and nearly came off, leaving Piers to skip off rapidly into the distance. D'oh! The Cheekymobile was excellent (responsive, jumpy, gorgeous, hooligan) although I think I'm going to have to put bouncy forks on it to fulfill its demands (gasp!). I think a bit of The Droid may have rubbed off on me as I was really racing with Piers on most sections for some silly reason, although I think I did alright actually! (Lame Lamb is the best trail on Earth btw - and last night I OWNED it, ahem). Piers had a spectacular and rapid over-the-bars crash dropping into The Chute Of Death which resulted in him now needing a new helmet. Rock'n'roll! (literally). Top ride all things told and hopefully it may have persuaded Crumbs to come out night riding more often. 'Cos night riding is better than day riding (and that's already pretty good innit?).
Redline waiting to be ridden hard.
Check out me kewl headbadge.
MUSIC OF CHOICE: "Music To Watch Girls Cry" mixed by Andy Votel.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

"This would be a good summer ride" 

Attempted to ride the Mary T Loop with Chipps, Chris, Stanny and Nick. Nick got his new Maverick stolen off his roof rack before we started (twats!). This sort of set the precedent for the whole day really. Chipps' Maverick (common as muck these Mavericks I tell ya) had to have its disc caliper filed down as it was catching the spokes and later the seatcollar bolt snapped and we had to make an emergency visit to Tony's to bodge it okay again. The main problem was that the trails were super muddy and very heavy going in places which seemed to kill off Chris and Stanny pretty quickly. I appear to have regrown my legendary mud-loving synapses and was having a bit of a stormer on the quiet. It has to be said that this not-so-little lady was helping me considerably (gawd luv 'er)...

Pretty sure me and Chipps could have finished the whole loop but we sacrificed our glory like the nice guys we are and called it a day after a couple of pints in The Queen in Holme Firth. Had a quality burger in the Tenth Muse where it was "Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Friends" night (no place for bi?). Bit miffed at not completing the mission but I will back back (soon) and at least we got to see a mint condition Bontrager OR on the trails. Proper dead cool like...

MUSIC OF CHOICE: "Music Has The Right To Children" by Boards Of Canada.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

"Have we gone downhill AT ALL today?!" 

Meant to meet Jim in Tod at 9:30am for a ride. Awoke at 9:38am - oops! After a frantic faff and a manic drive we were finally riding by 11:00am. Made up the route as we went along and ended up doing a rather strange bunch of stuff really (seemingly all uphill!): canal path, Bram Rigg, Summit, Walsden Moor, London Road, Chipps' Birthday Present B, Jack Bridge, Blackshaw Head, Great Rock, Keelam Heights, Whirlaw Stones, Rodwell End. I was on the Bonty and was climbing up stuff like a God (ahem). Met up with a guy on an Orange Sub5 at the top of Whirlaw Stones who started talking about Singletrack mag and theworldofdave.com website. Spooky! He tried to get us to spill the beans on various cheeky hotspot locations but we were having none of it. He did subsequently get expertly guided down all the good stuff though and came out at Rodwell End picnic site with a huge grin all over his face, effusing with superlatives and showering us with thanks and praise. Which was nice. Maybe he'll turn up to a nightride soon. We finished the ride by 3pm and was in Blazing Saddles by 3:30pm having my new cranks slapped in my Redline. Spent the evening finishing her off (so to speak). Still eager to ride some more so have commited myself to the attempt on the Mary Towneley Loop tomorrow. Hardcore. You know the score. Ruff, rugged and raw :o)

MUSIC OF CHOICE: "Lovers" by The Sleepy Jackson.

"Lights and lights and lights and lights..." 

Just finished writing up the lights grouptest for next issue of Singletrack. Apart from being unusually fixated on handlebar mounting hardware I think it's okay. Not sure if one particular shed-dwelling light "manufacturer" will be very pleased with it though! Like Craig said the other night: "If you're a guy with a well-equipped garage who thinks he can make decent light - STOP! Put the soldering iron DOWN and go and buy some you stingy get".
MUSIC OF CHOICE: "Parsley Sounds" by Parsley Sounds.

Friday, March 26, 2004

"You can't endo a 29er" 

Night ride from Stubbing Wharf with a few more people than normal (11?). Final day of testing for the light mag article and I somehow ended up giving out all the good lights and ended up with the Martin-Jones "Shonky Special". Not a great light for technical trails it appears. Oh well, I still managed to have some fun. The Willits was cool as usual (soooo comfy and light) but I did go very slowly over the bars twice; once on "Ben's Zig Zags" as I underestimated the mud depth and once on "Chipps' Birthday Present A" where the trail refused to be illuminated by my "interesting" light and I tried to blag it. Oops. Jim was totally ragging it down the descents on his Crazy Cotic like a (juicy) man possessed - wow! Another top ride and another step closer to The 29er decision :-o
MUSIC OF CHOICE: "Fed" by Plush.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

"These lights are mental!" 

Went out round Juicy Jim's topography for an impromptu night ride yesterday (up and over Waugh's Well etc). Getting a bit bored of night riding after having being doing it pretty much non-stop for a fortnight! (psst... I haven't really - it's ace) Partly 'cos I love its aesthetics and partly because it was already in the boot of my car I rode the Willits 'Safety' (what a grrreat name for a bike) again. We both had stupidly bright HID light systems and the way the trail ahead was lit up when we both rode side by side was comically impressive. And pointless. Might as well have been riding in daylight. The Willits was rulin' as usual (HOW much traction?). Although it wasn't really a proper night ride (too bright!) we had loads of muddy-rut fun and were out on't' hills much longer than we thought which is always a good sign innit?
MUSIC OF CHOICE: David Axelrod "Stateside Anthology".

The Dawn Of A New Tedious Era 

Behold! The exciting and rambunctious world of "Benji Go Blog" is live. Widely regarded as the best and fastest growing extreme sports website on the planet. Say you were there at the start. Hold on to your fedoras, we're going in...

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